How Can Customer Be Supported By Financial Institution During Coronavirus Reality

How Can Customer Be Supported By Financial Institution During Coronavirus Reality

A person who travels frequently to meet their partner and clients , have been majorly  impacted by recent coronavirus outbreak . Due to Coronavirus , there has been a long wait times during call  in customer care centres  , as nobody can move out of home due to lockdown . CNN has recently reported that travel booking sites was overwhelmed by call volume and many of the airline apps have also asked their customers to not to call unless they have trip in next 72 hours .

Both travel industry and Financial Institution are not habitual to these demands . If you are still not been impacted by recent situation , brace yourself with , hex yourself with care centre employees who are working from home , with almost no in person service options and theory increasing the overall call volume as people are more or less concerned about finical impact on crisis . For instance , one bank has recently text me they will be operating with limited staff and will also restrict visitor entry starting today – just imagine the impact of raise in calls on their call centres for performing any task .

In this recent environment changes and increase of Coronavirus disease , Winklix has been continuously working hard with many small , medium and large enterprises to provide our clients as well as partner with POV on how actually they can really shift their workforce to work remotely or on work-from-home approach . We have been using work-from-home approach since we have started working , and that is the reason we can help you find best possible ways of working from home . You can also quickly check out recent post for tips on effectively working from home specially when you are working for the first time and tools which will be needed to carry on remote work in smoother manner . Salesforce enables them to provide services upto their customer satisfaction .

Deploy a Customer Community 

One possible way to answer customer queries on the go is to facilitate them with possible FAQ in order to get the answers of most common questions and provide them with community to submit their questions and services request . However it takes time to build knowledge base that can support entirely the needs of your customers who is seeking for needs , but once built customer don’t have to wait for long phones or physical visit for their answers . In addition to it , adding support intake page with your knowledge base can aid you with filtration of incoming request , the answer of which is not present in your knowledge base and support ticket can be allocated to right service associate .
If you have any existing support page  and is using Salesforce in your organisation , one thing you can do quickly and efficiently is deploy Salesforce web-to-case which helps in ensuring that your customers who are not being able to get your customer support staff over phone to submit their request that is easily trackable by Salesforce org .

Streamline Scheduling 

One approach which we have seen many finical institution following is to send their person inspite of traffic to sale specific categories of services with complex transactions such as new policy intakes , loan closing and account performance reviews . There are many suggestible ways to overcome with this situation and move towards virtual world encouraging social distancing . For replacing face to face interaction , you can actually streamline scheduling those appointments by leveraging online scheduling tool . The best tool that we have experienced till now is Lightning Scheduling manager for Financial Service Cloud which facilitates user to choose from time slots to schedule an appointment with the ease of their mobile devices or desktop computers .

Add Channel With Chat 

Live chat feature is being used on website to facilitate real time chat with customers . The main advantage of real time chat is it is able to handle even complex request with more asynchronous communication channel and at the same time it facilitate agents to provide supports to multiple customers at a time . According to the reports by Econsultancy ,  73 % of the people who used live chat said they are pretty happy with experience .

Implement Chatbots To Mitigate Volume 

Employing a chatbot can give you number of benefits . Very similar to knowledge base , Chatbots enabled with AI helps in handling most common customer queries with automates predefined answer and thereby eliminating the needs of calls . Additionally , AI powered bots more customer conversation than simple knowledge base . Finally if the customer is not able to find viable solution via chatbot , the interaction can be right away shifted to live chat channel wherein they can be connected with associate to complete the interaction .
Winklix is closely working with all of or clients to find viable solutions like leveraging Salesforce with Financial Service Cloud and Service Cloud so that they can respond to immediate needs of Coronavirus pandemic . We help them with implementation of tools to help them their customers with support they need in this pandemic situation and at the same time providing employees with tools to work in safe and productive environment .
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