Innovation In Medical Devices Field With Compliant Management

Innovative Medical Devices Field With Compliant Management

The medical device industry will be facing many changes in upcoming years . But the question is how actually can these industries can cope up with the current trends in technology and at the same time also meet new rules and regulations in the EU . And finally how the voice of customers can be heard which in turns aids in innovations ?

Like every other things , the answer lies in data .

Collection and categorisation of existing data

There are various sets of data which medical device industry likely has – right from generation of device IDs to in detail inventory list , product information , order number and supply chain . The major challenge is organising and storing of these data in one single centralised server who helps in extracting data for existing trends , needs and knows .
Once you are done with collection of all the data , now its time to move on to unknown data aspects . The best way to get feedback about your products is to ask them with your existing customers . But what after collection of all the information from existing customers . The major challenge is integration , mining and distilling of collected data to drive innovations . Here comes the role of CRM such as Salesforce which as superpower to manage data and triage and improve your products .

Complaints Management : Collecting Customers Comments And Concerns

In today’s innovative world , there are lot of medium channels by which customers love to approach companies to provide their feedback . Popular among them are Facebook , Twitter , Instagram , Websites , Mobile app, email , live chat and so on . So majorly collection of feedback is not the major challenge , rather using the correct technology to capture those feedbacks for future innovation is !
Leading innovators knows that complains are more than just a valuable . Compliant help companies to predict what is running , which product is continuously failing and what products would be able to better serve a user which overall increase your brand reputation . But in order to facilitate all the things as listed , the very first thing that you need to do is to collect data into one usable format . Thanks to Salesforce which make easy to :
  • Handle compliant management
  • Record case intake
  • Triage cases
  • Gain global insights by tracking individual issues and thereby monitoring of common occurrences
Thereby it is always suggestible to invest in best available technology which aids in saving of money in long run . Capturing of product complains before they have adverse effect helps in saving lives .

Real Time Complaint Management With SalesForce

For instance say some diabetes patients calls in to troubleshoot their pump – maybe screen was malfunctioning . As soon as diabetes patients call and the phone was answered , they can start documenting the call and then provides possible suggestions on the basis of past records . There comes the role of Salesforce which helps to triage the case : What was the result of malfunctining screen ? Was it was been caused due to intake of too much insulin ? Will it be solved by taking care at the hospital ? Or it was just the matter of screen going blank and after some time it comes back ?
Salesforce helps in collection of all these data and these data will be used in solving the future cases as well which in turn helps in making better picture for success and areas of improvement within medical device industry .

Informed Decision Through Applied Customers Data

In short the collected information can help you take various decisions over time . Existing information in combination with collected user experience helps you make stronger and safer medical devices , and thereby helps building of trust between producers  and users .

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