SalesForce & Blockchain : A Quick Overview

SalesForce & Blockchain : A Quick Overview

Salesforce has been changing rapidly day by day with more innovative solutions . Salesforce has been known for providing upgrades itself for at least thrice every year with sky rocking technological solution .

Like every quarter , Salesforce has also announced many new stuff in this quarter as well . One of the most attractive announcement by Salesforce is Blockchain announcement .

What Is Blockchain ?

Blockchain is technology advanced solution that uses unique cryptographic method which aids them in creating secure linkage between two or more records , which cryptographic records in form of ledger . Whenever we create any individual records in blockchain network , a cryptographic hash value is generated . Publishing any type of update to even individual record also requires altering cryptographic hash and thereafter every other records added to ledger after alteration of record must have to be revalidated and re-added to ledger . In blockchain , any change in value recorded is treated as new ledger entry .
Blockchain is held responsible for management of all transactions as well as keeping record sets of all asset . It also facilitates set of users to record , verify as well as perform various transactions in secure manner . Thus we can say blockchain aids in creation as well as exchanging of transactions .

What Is SalesForce Blockchain ? 

Salesforce has recently launched Salesforce Blockchain which enables organisation to build network , application and workflows on blockchain technology .
Salesforce Blockchain has expanded its reach to Salesforce CRM platform . It can be considered as whole new way to create , secure and share data from various applications in secured manner . Blockchain facilitates infrastructure of distributed ledger as well as adds on the superpower of Salesforce metadata in a way that you just have to focus on your logics of application , instead of infrastructure . This is help responsible for handling of complex data integration as well as network communication . By making use of Salesforce Blockchain , any partner can publish as wel l as verify records in secured manner irrespective of the system they are using . At the same time users in Salesforce can see and work with blockchain data in reports , automation as well as in prices they expect to work with typical data .
Salesforce Blockchain with get Salesforce lightning power , aids in building as well as maintaining blockchain apps , flows as well as easy connection to access customers records using networks directly in Salesforce . Salesforce lighting in addition to above features also have attractive UI/UX by using which any third parties can get connected with blockchain app or network .
Salesforce enables business to create trusted blockchain apps and networks . Salesforce blockchain is built on Hyperledger Sawtooth protocol which facilitates direct integration with Salesforce platform . The another best part is , you actually don’t have to reach out to any Blockchain developer to implement Salesforce Blockchain , you can hire any Salesforce Consultant or admin to get Salesforce Blockchain implemented .
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