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SalesForce Sales Cloud Certification : Complete Guide

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Sales cloud is among one of the best Sales cloud CRM available in the market which keep on growing as per demand . Hence at the same time it increases the demand for certified Sales Cloud consultant who are capable of handling business issues related to CRM functionality . In this article we will discuss how can a Salesforce administrators and developers can get Salesforce cloud consultant certificate which will help both employees and companies to work for .

What Sales Cloud Certification Exist ? 

As of now there is one Sales cloud focused certification for consultant . But there are other Salesforce experts who can also hands on Sales cloud ( eg administrator , developers and architects ) . Although salesforce certifications for their jobs are not specifically related to Sales cloud , but still obtaining Salesforce administrator credentials is prerequisite for getting certified as Sales cloud consultant .

How Difficult Is Getting Certification For Sales Cloud ? 

In order to get certified as Sales Cloud Consultant , applicant need to complete Sales cloud consultant practise exam . According to Sales guide by Salesforce , the whole exam consist of 60 MCQ questions and in addition to it 5 unsecured exam questions  which needs to be answered within 105 minutes which can either be answered in testing centre or online proctored environment . The applicant in order to pass need to score at least 62 % . The exam thereon verifies applicant capability of planning Sales cloud implementation with view of KPIs . Other test may also include providing custom design as per customer requirements , identification of key features for better sales productivity etc .

How Much Does Sales Cloud Certification Cost ? 

The cost of certification is $ 200 for first time attempters and $ 100 for each retake ( the maximum number of retake allowed is 3 ) . In addition to cost of certification , you may also have to bear the applicable taxes as per your country selected while making a registration for exam .

What Is The Validity Of Sales Cloud Certification ?

Salesforce usually release system update almost three times a year ( in winter , spring and summer ) , and hence the salesforce cloud consultant certification is valid upto next release only . In order to maintain the continuity of certification , owner should update it by passing Trailhead maintenance modules .

What If Sales Cloud Certification Expires ? 

The Sales Cloud consultant certificate goes outdated if owner have not copped up with maintenance module on Trailhead by required date . In general certification owners have few months after successful release to compete maintenance modules . But if certification owner fails to complete maintenance module in time , they will unfortunately loose the certification and in order to regain the same have to go through the whole procedure right from very beginning .

Benefits Of Sales Cloud Certification ?

For IT Service Companies , hiring certified Sales Cloud Consultants means serving customers needs better as they will be able to deliver sales cloud services with customers business and industry specific taken into complete accounts . Certified consultant adds on extra value to customers , ensure efficient CRM use as well as provide timely guidance on CRM ongoing evolution .

In addition to it , a certain number of certified consultant-level Salesforce experts are required in IT company in order to particular partnership value score and being assigned one of the partners tiers . For instance , in order to get registered as Salesforce partner tier , company must have atlas 2 certified consultant-level employees .

IT companies gets many type of benefits as a Registered tier partner . For an employee , Sales cloud consultant certifications add on more job offers , accelerated career growth and for sure substantial pay rise .

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