Top 4 New Features : SalesForce Pardot

Top 4 New Features : SalesForce Pardot

There are more than 20 new features which has been introduced in 2019 winter release . Explained below are 4 features which helps you with personalisation of journey and overall experience of Pardot user .

1) Pardot Integration To Lightening

Pardot integration to lightning 
Although it does not add on new marketing features in Pardot right now , but Pardot integration with Salesforce ( Lightning Version ) has opened the doors for endless opportunities in near future .
Suggestion : If you are still among one who is using Salesforce ( Classic Version ) , then you must lan for migrating it to lightning platform as soon as possible .
Dreaming of what we mean for Pardot integrating it with lighting ?
  • This necessarily means providing easy access and switching between Pardot and Sales cloud or any other sales applications . This aids marketer to work in both environment , ie , Pardot and Sales Cloud .

    ( Source : Salesforce )
But wait , there is more….integration
Along with the above , they have also announced following ‘integration’ elements between Pardot and Salesforce which we have grouped in below :
  • Queue all prospects to sync :  When Pardot prospect custom field is created and mapped to Salesforce fields , now the pop up will appear wherein you will have the option to queue all prospects to sync , which aids in backfilling newly created fields value from Salesforce . This necessarily means in order to complete the full system sync , no support tickets are actually needed .
  • Pardot update to Salesforce API : With the latest update to version 42 , Pardot customers are being able to get custom objects and fields data which has been released in over last 10 Salesforce API releases . This has opened doors for mapping doors to pardot which were not avaible earlier . Getting it to next level , Pardot will automatically keep parity with Salesforce API version which will facilitate access to all your CRM data in Pardot .
Above given points are Cleary denoting one point for the future , that Pardot will be able to use everything that is present is Sales Cloud , thereby maximising the output between marketing and sales person .

2) Repeating Programs In Engagement Studio

” Allow your prospects to enter a program more than once !” – Pardot release note
This can be beneficial for :
  • Recurring events . For instance you run annual conference and you are willing to list some participants for single time in a year in order to solicit participants . Then you may use the same engagement programme for updating its content .
  • If you are list of customers who have availed your subscription plans , for instance and you want to run renewal with the use of engagement programme .
  • And various other recurring activities .
How to enable it .

In order to enable it at the time of creating engagement program , right above the same button you will see the option ” Allow prospects to enter program more than once ” . Once you click on the same additional option will appear as shown in image above and you can give your inputs accordingly .

3) Einstein and Pardot

Einstein has been introduced with enabled artificial intelligence which makes analysis of big data easier and can help you give real insight .

Einstein Campaign Insights

Accross campaigns , Einstein will be able to :
  • Filter profiles on the basis of level of engagements by type of persona like job title , geography etc . This facilitates marketers to make adjustments during running of campaigns on the basis of AI tips .
  • Will also helps in getting detailed analysis about which campaigns are better for driving asset management
  • Surface audience profiles which helps in deriving results in future campaigns .
Einstein Behaviour Scoring
By getting data in Pardot and other sources , Einstein will be able to  :
  • Identify different aspects which may help in identification of customer who have greater chances of buying or becoming a customers in future . This prediction is on the basis of various tools which facilitates reading of user behaviour to predict future outcomes .

4) Copy / Paste of Engagement Program Steps

As the name suggest . It makes it easier and faster to create multiple engagement programmes that use similar steps .
Check top right of any Engagement Program , there’s a Select button and copy button etc . Click select , select your steps ( empty yellow circles ) , then click “Copy” .

To paste , click a (+) in Engagement program , and then you will be able to see ” Add Element ” menu which will showcase copied steps button .

In case you are looking for more , complete release notes are available here .

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