Top Level Features & Benefits of Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Top Level Features & Benefits of Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Salesforce Commerce Cloud, formerly called Domware, is an easy-to-use and seamless eCommerce platform designed with a predefined purpose to help grow your brand, explore hidden or unexplained business opportunities first, and try to convert more and more customers in an easy and effective way. This cloud-based commerce platform is an absolute must for every development-oriented business looking to create integrated and intelligent purchasing experiences for its customers using the best of B2C and B2B commerce solutions.

Why Select Salesforce Commerce Cloud?

Commerce Cloud makes shopping fun, interactive, engaging, and personalized on every digital channel – mobile, web, and social – and also redefines customers’ in-store experiences. This is done by synchronizing order management, predictive intelligence, online stores, and mobile-first point-of-sale (POS).

Salesforce Commerce Cloud is characterized by a multi-tenant architecture that provides a major boost to the security and reliability aspects of the platform. The three service categories (intelligence, experience, and operations) of this seamless platform collectively serve to power each stage of cross-channel commerce.

The intelligence aspect is the right choice to provide relevant insights and guide business decisions based on data. On the other hand, the experience feature provides users with the tools to manage their products, content, pricing and promotions which in turn translates into increased customer engagement. The Operations module lets users link back to offices with order fulfillment by providing critical functionality needed across multiple channels.

Features of Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Some of the main features of Salesforce Commerce Cloud are as follows:

  • Multi-location management
  • Product management
  • Responsive Mobile Design
  • Real-time reports and dashboards
  • Pre-built integration
  • inventory management
  • campaign management
  • In-store extension
  • Customer Catalog Entitlements
  • Comprehensive development platform
  • Customer and segment-specific pricing
  • Basic Targeting and A / B Testing
  • Marketing & Merchandising Tools
  • customer segmentation
  • Targeted promotion management

Benefits of Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Some of the most amazing benefits of Salesforce Commerce Cloud are given below:

  • Continuous & Uninterrupted Innovation

One of the biggest advantages of Salesforce Commerce Cloud is that it quickly eliminates bottlenecks to innovations that can typically be associated with a large majority of legacy commerce solutions. By doing so, it empowers your business to stay in tune with customer needs and the growth of today’s stockade and fast-paced market.

The Salesforce Commerce Cloud application is regularly upgraded eight times a year so that you can get your hands on the latest progress and features. The best thing is that your online business never has to go into “hold” mode when these upgrades are streamlined with your day-to-day operations. If that’s not all, Salesforce Commerce Cloud’s open architecture lets you easily build your custom capabilities without compromising the cloud upgrade path.

  • Faster Time to Price

Salesforce Commerce Cloud helps you quickly climb the path between ideas and execution. This is simply because cloud redness is never a concern and it means that your business never has to worry about whether the infrastructure is comprehensive enough to support your business growth potential and initiatives. . You can launch new sites as well as execute mass promotions in just days or hours, not months.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud’s intuitive and role-based user interface empowers the business user with complete and seamless control over site functionality and brand experience. The most interesting aspect is that all this happens with minimal involvement of information technology as the cloud supports whatever is planned on a scale and automated basis. By doing so, it frees your organization’s IT department so that it can divert its resources on strategic initiatives and innovation, rather than spending countless hours to implement upgrades and infrastructure.

  • Quick Execution of Ideas

Salesforce Commerce Cloud gives users the advantages and capabilities of executing their ideas instantly as the seamless and easy-to-use platform frees them from spending a lot of time evaluating the constraints of the need. In addition, Salesforce Commerce Cloud helps you get complete control of site functionalities without the need for complex technical processes.

  • Supportive Community

By connecting with the Salesforce Commerce Cloud, you become part of a vibrant, large community that serves as a complete source of fresh ideas, tips, tricks, insights, and methodologies. The fact that all users run Salesforce Commerce Cloud on a code base using the same software version (because the app is built on a multi-tenant cloud architecture) means that it is extremely easy to share ideas and innovations in the user community. is. Not only this, your business can easily be the recipient of intelligence and is used by the cloud.

What sets Commerceforce apart from other eCommerce platforms is Salesforce. Get your hands on Salesforce Commerce Cloud with cloud analytics. The world’s preferred partner for Salesforce products and solutions.

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