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Universities Towards Digital Transformation : Will They Be Able To Survive ?

It is because of digitalisation , the nature of universities and higher educational institution has completely changed and that will continue to change for next decades also . When we go back to past 20 years , there was hardly any digitalisation in universities . Although world wide web has already been introduced but was not able to catchup globally towards digital transformation .

When we say the word ” Digital ” in universities or higher education sector , it does not mean only a room full of computers and printers . Being digital means connecting globally with student , academics , funding and business opportunities as well .

Even we all must have experienced the way physical universities are getting converted into totally online which includes open educational resources , video , e-books , webinars and more .

Challenges Facing Universities

According to the PwC report :  ” Students expectation from the universities are more focused towards securing their future employment , rather than simply going through simply learning and their own development . There is being shift in the proportion of universities due to which it has been crucial to enhance both student and employability experience to the next generation level .
Simply pursing a diploma course from so called university like YouTube and Wikipedia won’t let you gear up so far in the world of work . But universities should understand the new generation trends , wherein it has been found that almost more than 54 hours is spend by young generation online – usually on smartphones  every week . Universities should offer a way unique solution that may he bard to find for any student online so that student can take the same as challenge and think critically and analyse on the topic which internet is not capable to achieve .
One another major issue that has been found in PwC’ study is ” Most of the universities has been found investing heavily in IT infrastructure that might not come up with desired outcome . We really don’t know why they can’t understand that they need a better business strategy that get perfect fit as per digital age and not high investment .
Another major challenge faced by universities is cost of higher education . In US, annual tuition feels comes out to be somewhere $ 25000 for out of the state student . Wherein in private institution who provided 4 years course has a average price of $ 33000 which unfortunately does not include textbooks and cost of living .

Can Universities Compete With Cheaper eLearning Provider ?

Because students are more concern about employment opportunities while looking at pool of universities , and it is quite obvious that taking a student loan’s are not worthwhile . Hence students are actually finding other alternatives which includes cheaper colleges , eLearning providers as well as online courses . But the question which arises is how can universities can overcome with this challenges ?
One of the great explain in this field which is performing best is Lecturio , which is actively providing online video lectures to more than 2,00,000 medical students . Most of the professors are from worlds leading universities working independently .
However it has been seen that in some accredited qualifications , eLearning is a challenging task which includes qualifications like medicine , law and engineering .
But this article has given a clear vision about how important is use of digital technology . And it may have to be necessarily implemented sooner or later by universities . Ideas such as digital campus with digital apps and various support provisions open a door of convenience for tutors and professors to be more precise and effective , which in turn will improve student experience .
Digital era is on rise , and have enormous amount of extraordinary potential which is yet locked . Now all is required is right partner for your digital strategy and custom build apps who can unlock your potential which in turn will create next level of value for students for online eLearning options .

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